Waco (FOX 44) — Solving crimes during the day and creating new worlds at night. It sounds like the basis of a comic book superhero, but in reality, it is the life of Waco Police Detective Paul Hacker.

On Wednesday, Hacker celebrated the publishing of his third book in The Gathering series, The Knights of Salvation, with a signing event at the Waco City Library located at 1717 Austin Avenue.

Hacker says he created the series for his grandchildren, and possibly his great-grandchildren, to read.

Some of the characters in the books are based on his family and even his co-workers at the Waco Police Department.

“It is a tough transition from a government to writing, professional writing and creative writing. So that was a tough transition to go ahead and some bumps and bruises along the way. But I learned and I’m starting to love it,” Hacker told FOX 44 News.

Hacker is working on the fourth book of the series and says he may tackle a murder mystery with a science fiction tinge next.