WACO, Texas (FOX 44/KWKT) — When you’re at home and you turn on the news, you hear countless stories of crimes committed in communities and the offenders.

Do you ever question what happens to the victims?

The Waco Police Departments Victim Services unit, is seeking volunteers to do meaningful work for victims and survivors of crime.

Volunteer Coordinator Missy Sparks has been with the unit for 15 years.

“I have a passion for helping people, and I work with an amazing group of volunteers and staff every day,” says Sparks.

Those who work closely alongside Missy assist and respond to crime scenes of all degrees.

Ultimately helping the victims find their next steps.

“We see them on their worst day and it’s good to be able to give them those referrals or resources that they need to get out of a bad situation and know that there are people out here that care,” adds Sparks.

Volunteers like Autumn Griffin are required to undergo 30 hours of training and a ride along with the Waco Police Department.

“When I first started, I went with volunteers who have been in office longer, like Jacqueline, and just watching her and what she did. That gave me more confidence to talk with people on my own later on. Now I go on calls by myself,” shares Griffin.

Jacqueline Warnell, another dedicated member who holds the most volunteer hours with the victim services unit, encourages those who are unsure to give it a try.

“We do have a class coming up in September, the 11th, for anyone that wants to see what the victim services is about, participate in, ask questions,” says Warnell.

Above all, those with Waco PD will help volunteers work with the victims every step of the way.

“We do have people, counselors, and a really good support system here at the police department for everybody. We want to make sure that, you know, they’re taken care of as well as everybody else,” assures Volunteer Coordinator Sparks.

Applications for the Waco Police Department’s Victims Services Training Academy are due Friday, August 25th.

For more information on requirements and applications, you can visit here.