Waco (FOX 44) — Waco Police say officers have made an arrest in the 1991 murder of 28-year-old Rita Davis.

65-year-old Harold Givens is accused of killing Davis on September 21st, 1991. Davis was found dead near 7th and McKinney, missing her pants and underwear.

An autopsy determined she died from blunt force injuries to the head and there was evidence of a sexual assault.

According to police, Davis was with Givens and two other friends smoking crack cocaine on that night. Givens is accused of getting into a fight with Davis, and the two other people left. When they returned, Givens and Davis were gone.

At the time of the murder, investigators say Givens and his friends told conflicting stories about when the fight actually took place. Detectives collected blood samples and a saliva swab from Givens, but technology at the time could not connect Givens to the crime.

The 2022 Cold Case Detective and a Special Crimes Detective re-interviewed Givens, saying DNA results showed he had sex with Davis the night she died.

Investigators say Givens admitted getting angry with Davis because she wanted more crack cocaine and he hit her with a closed fist multiple times.

Givens was arrested without incident at his Waco home. He is in the McLennan County Jail on a murder charge.