Waco, Tx (FOX 44) – The Waco City Council is set to consider paying $4.75 million to Limestone County in “hosting fees” connected to the new city landfill.

This is planned for a location at the eastern boundary of McLennan County, and extending into Limestone County. The vote approving the resolution was on the agenda for a special meeting set for Tuesday afternoon.

The new landfill has been the center of controversy and some opposition since its planning started. The permit application was approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality on May 22.

The resolution approving the agreement notes that city property is exempt from taxes, and that roads serving the landfill in part run in Limestone County. The resolution notes that the City and Limestone County have reached an agreement that the City should pay a fee based on the tonnage expected to be collected at the landfill over its lifetime. The payment will be made one time, up front. This amount worked out to be $4.75 million.

Some citizen groups opposed the landfill, with the city previously working out agreements and settlements with them. Background information provided to Council members prior to the vote indicated that the City anticipates the landfill will begin accepting waste in January 2025.

The new landfill was planned as the current landfill off Highway 84, near McGregor, was reaching capacity. There was considerable opposition to building a new landfill adjacent to the current one, with alternative sites then sought. The new landfill site is located in the eastern part of McLennan County, near Axtell.

Background material provided with the Council agenda indicated the payment required by the agreement would be made from surplus working capital in the city Solid Waste Fund.