WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – Earlier this month, Texas homeowners received their appraisal notices in the mail and values have increased.

“But it’s never been a such a high increase, I’m 62 and I’ve never seen these tax rates, tax values increase by a drastic amount,” says CPA Michael Berlanga.

So what steps should homeowners take?

“If they don’t come to an agreed value or resolve the issue at that time or they just don’t come during our walk in period they can file a protest with the appraisal district,” Bell county chief appraiser, Billy White.

Many home owners and landowners have seen their property value go up, meaning their tax rate also increase. Michael Berlanga says while some decide to pass on the cost.

“They will quickly put their homes or properties on the market some are going to pass on the increase rent in the anticipation of increase taxes,” says Berlanga.

While others will protest, which can help them and also those who are renting.

“They have the right not only to ask the landlord if they’re protesting, but if the landlord doesn’t want to protest they could collectively get together and protest on behalf of the property they don’t even own,” says Berlanga.

Appraisers will begin formal protest hearings in June, continue in July and into the first part of August.

“But it is common to see people come in when we have large increase in property value all because they may not agree with the value or they might not know what’s going on in the market around them,” says White.

For more information about property value protest, Michael Berlanga will be hosting a seminar at the Hilton in Downtown Waco on April 25th, at 6:30 p.m.