Waco, TX (FOX 44) — An online conversation in Robinson has been centered on the taste of its water.

Community members are speaking about the water tasting different and some saying it has a odor.

We spoke with several people in Robinson Thursday afternoon hearing how water has been the talk of the town.

We reached out to the city and its staff say this is not a unique problem and it’ll work itself out.

“Not the first time it’s happened here either,” said Robinson utility assistant director Greg Hobbs. “It happens anywhere where you’ve got water that is exposed to sunlight, and that sunlight can create an algae bloom and the reservoir, when it comes through the treatment process, you can generate taste and odor issues.

Hobbs says the algae blooms are not harmful to consume, but only a temporary adjustment.

“Its not pleasing at times, but it typically only lasts maybe 30 days or so. Then it runs its course,” said Hobbs.

One Robinson resident who wished to remain private we spoke with says the taste in water is noticeable.

“There’s a lot of stuff and chemicals and stuff in the water because we have a filter now and its constantly having to change the filter out, so it kind of taste like bleach,” said the Robinson resident.

Robinson gets its water from the Brazos River to then be diverted to the city’s water plant impoundments.

Hobbs says the water has still been treated but the taste and odor can only leave on its own.

“A lot of it is just people, who, because we’re running the plant so much or maybe areas that typically didn’t get the surface water…they probably aren’t used to it,” said Hobbs. “Any time you get a different water than what you’re used to, regardless if it has taste or odor issues, people, if its something different, they’re just not used to it, so they rather have what they had before”, said Hobbs.

Outside of the recent commotion, Hobbs says this has been a good year for Robinson having no major problems with its water.