Waco, TX (FOX 44) – Tonight, a Waco ISD workshop was held where board members continued the review and discussion of how and where to make improvements within the district.

There are 105 pages of WISD’s overall improvement plan. Today’s workshop picked up on page 77, where they spoke about security on campuses and how they plan on using a $658,000 grant for improving campus fencing, adding card readers, and adding intruder resistant window film for entry doors and windows.

The chief of facilities and operations says as far as security goes, Waco ISD is ahead of the game. District 4 board member Jonathan Grant also spoke on how to support the mental health of students without overwhelming teachers.

“This is a big one to me, right. To me, this is a critically important one; to care for a child. I’m curious how many teachers have to be trained in handling this, versus saying this is just too much. I don’t want this responsibility,” says Grant.

The board discussed ways to manage the stress of teachers so that they could better care for their students. Waco ISD will also soon be discussing the implementation of smart tags on buses–which is a new routing software– and plan for the transition of contracted transportation services to a district operated department.