WACO, Texas (FOX 44/KWKT) — Waco ISD Board of Trustees Members and District Leaders, poured into the new high school grounds to view the progress made since the starting date.

Superintendent Dr. Susan Kincannon shares why this is a momentous occasion for the district.

“This says we care about our kids and in our in our staff who teach our kids. We want them to be comfortable when they come to school. We want them to have the education that anyone would have in any high school facility across the state. And high school is just such a critical time for our students,” Says Dr. Kincannon.

The new high school will feature a performing arts center that seats roughly 600 people, a new cafeteria, courtyard, library, culinary arts center, in-house auto shop, and new athletic facilities.

Also looking forward to building legacies with this new school, Waco ISD Board of Trustees Member Angel Ochoa.

“Our kids deserve a school like this. They deserve the best we can provide them in a big thank you to the community for for supporting that bond. I’m excited because I’ve got some of my own kids that are going to be graduating from here. And so it’s it’s really great to see all the opportunities they’ll have here,” says Ochoa.

As for the current phase of this multi-million dollar project, “We’re working on roofing and exterior drying right now. So huge milestones that we’re doing. We’ve split up this large building and three main quadrants to coordinate and build,” says Senior Project Manager John Eggeling.

The school will open its doors to the community in the fall of 2025.

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