Waco, Tx (FOX44) – A Waco woman is now facing felony theft charges after police say she took cartloads of merchandise out of the Waco Target store on four separate occasions – twice in one day.

Investigators identified the suspect in the thefts, which go back to November of last year, as Virginia R. Ahmed. She was spotted pushing a shopping car past open registers without paying twice on November 10, 2021, again on November 13, and again on February 15 – with the store reporting losses totaling in the hundreds of dollars.

Investigators also report a background check on Ahmed shows that she has two or more previous convictions for the same kind of charge – taking even a small theft up to the felony level. In one case, the total amount taken was listed as $497.

Police obtained warrants for Ahmed, picked her up on Tuesday, and booked her into the McLennan County Jail. She remained there on Wednesday, with jail records indicating she also had over $3,000 in outstanding traffic citations ranging from speeding to having no insurance, expired registration and no drivers license – along with a charge of hitting a parked vehicle and leaving the scene.

In addition to the multiple theft charges, she had bond set at $250,000 on a heroin possession charge.