Medical experts discuss the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine

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WACO, Texas – With more vaccines being distributed in Central Texas, people want to know just how long it will last.

“After the first dose, the body gets the immunity two to three weeks into the first dose. You get 50 percent immunity in your body. And after you get the second dose, another two weeks take in before you get 90-94 percent. Both vaccination companies are documenting 94 percent immunity,” says Dr. Umad Ahmad, Chief Medical Officer at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center-Hillcrest.

According to two studies, COVID-19 antibodies can last up to eight months.

“One of the ways that it works is in the scientific lab, how long it will last, or at least they can try to measure is by looking at the antibodies, how fast they are going down,” says Dr. Ahmad.

Kelly Craine with the McLennan Public Health Department says the FDA and CDC has recommendations for those who have been exposed to COVID recently on when will be an appropriate time to get vaccinated.

“If you have had COVID within the past 90 days, you do not need to get vaccinated. You already have a little bit of natural immunity that’s going to protect you for those 90 days, so the vaccine may not be that effective as you would like it to be. Anyone with COVID either right now or within the past 90 days, you don’t have to rush just yet to get the vaccination,” Craine says.

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