MEXIA, Texas – Surveillance footage of an incident at a Mexia restaurant has been made available to the public.

The Office of the City Manager previously released a statement regarding a June 8 incident at the Taqueria Mexicano Grille, located at 838 North Highway 171 in Mexia. During the incident, a suspect was alleged to have pointed a firearm to a 21-year-old man – identified as the victim.

An ongoing investigation by the Mexia Police Department has resulted in the discovery of new articles of evidence.

The Mexia Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division has reviewed witness statements collected at the scene, conducted multiple follow-up interviews, and captured and assessed Closed-Circuit Television footage of the reported incident. 

Investigators have discovered the assailant’s behavior, while disorderly and unprovoked, was not indicative of felonious assault or terroristic threat – as was originally reported. After review of surveillance footage of the incident with eyewitnesses who provided on-scene statements, investigators confirmed original accounts provided to Mexia PD were inaccurate and vastly inconsistent with the events captured on the restaurant’s Closed-Circuit Television equipment.

Mexia PD investigators verified the suspect was legally carrying a firearm when he confronted the victim. However, the assailant did not draw the firearm from the holster, point the firearm at the victim, or even put his hand on the firearm during the incident.

As a result of Mexia PD’s investigation, prosecution of the assailant, who has been identified by law enforcement authorities, will be sought in conjunction with the appropriate prosecutor’s office and appropriate charges will be filed.

The Mexia City Manager, in consultation with the Mexia Chief of Police, has determined that, in this specific incident, it is of the utmost importance to make the Closed-Circuit Television footage of this incident available to the public.

Citizens of Mexia have demonstrated their desire for justice to be equally served among all members of the community. Mexia PD says they are grateful for the community’s support, dedication to one another, and expectations of accountability. For these reasons, the decision was made to release this footage as a reminder to all that justice in this community will be realized only through unbiased diligence, guided by the highest level of integrity, and that diligence and integrity will not be influenced by ‘popular opinion’ or prejudicial conduct of any kind.

You can view the surveillance videos below:

Source: Office of Mexia City Manager