MILAM COUNTY, Texas (FOX 44) – A new phone scam is making its rounds around Milam County.

Sheriff Mike Clore says one woman received a call from a “Sgt. Brandon Madox” and “Cpt. J Vargas CID warrant divison,” stating she had three warrants. They told the woman that she needed to go to a kiosk at CVS to wire money with her debit card to an account in order get the warrants paid out.

The woman was advised to stay on the line for the duration of the scam. She was advised by the scammer not to go to the Sheriff’s Office until the money was sent to confirm a “signature.”

Sheriff Clore says this scam comes around Milam County every year or so. The Sheriff’s Office will never ask anyone to handle a warrant in this manner. Sheriff Clore says that sometimes the scammers will spoof a local phone number to call you from. The public is urged to not give out any personal information.