MILAM COUNTY, Texas (FOX 44) – An ongoing feud in the Milano area leads to an exchange of shots fired and two arrests made.

Milam County Sheriff Mike Clore says that at approximately 1:45 a.m. Saturday, the Sheriff’s Office received calls of shots fired in the area of Avenue A and 4th Street in Milano. One person – identified as Kelly Joe Cain, of Milano – was wounded by gunfire. Dillon Ray Little, of Milano, has been identified as the gunman. Cain was transported to a nearby hospital while Little was detained.

According to a press release from Sheriff Clore, Cain drove by Little’s house several times on his motorcycle. Cain was carrying an AK-47 strapped to his torso while wearing a clown mask. Little went outside to confront Cain – getting into his vehicle and approaching Cain. The two men collided and a gunfight started.

Sheriff Clore says this exchange of gunfire happened inside of a residential area within yards of Milano Elementary School, and that “the two men showed no regard for the safety of the community in which they both reside.”

The wounds that Cain received from gunfire were non-life-threatening. Cain fired several rounds from his AK-47 and fled on foot. Sheriff Clore says Cain put his AK-47 under a house, which was found by Sheriff’s deputies. Cain went next door to a neighbor’s house, dropped the clown mask and contacted a resident – who then called the Sheriff’s Office.

Cain left the house, went to the Milano AMR hub, was transported to St. Joe’s in Caldwell, was treated and then released.

Sheriff Clore says this shooting is believed to be a result of an ongoing feud between the two men. Milam County investigators collected evidence and witness statements at the scene. They were in touch with the Milam County District Attorney’s Office during the investigation.

Both Cain and Little were arrested, and are awaiting magistration. Cain is charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon – a second-degree felony. Little is charged with Aggravated Assault Causes Serious Bodily Injury – a second-degree felony.