TEMPLE, Texas – A key element for Santa’s Christmas Eve operation is back with it’s owner tonight.

“It’s gone through a journey, yes. It was fixed, brought out, taken, re-fixed,” said John Potts, sleigh owner.

Santa’s sleigh was taken back in November and it was thanks to social media and the Temple community that it was found just in time for the holiday.

“I was sitting in the house reading the paper and I heard a big truck, I didn’t think anything about it. I came out at six and got the paper, at 7:15 it was gone,” said Potts.

Potts created the life-sized Santa sleigh 20 years ago, it’s been a tradition in his family and the community.

“I’ve had it since some of mine were little,” said Potts.

The sleigh disappeared in November, as he began decorating for Christmas.

“I hadn’t put the deer out yet, I had put new lights on them, and it was gone,” said Potts.

That’s when his daughter took to social media.

“Next thing I know there’s about 200 to 250 people looking for this sleigh,” said Potts.

Her Facebook post received over 200 shares and dozens of comments.

“All the way to Taylor she had people looking, Cameron, they were looking, Troy, they were looking and fortunately this young man happened to see it,” said Potts.

The 110-pound sleigh was found in the North side of Temple.

“The gentleman that was in his yard, he didn’t know where it come from so we didn’t ever ask and never did file any charges cause they could have either taken it because they wanted it or taken it because they thought maybe it was something to throw away,” said Potts.

He’s thankful for the community, who helped save Christmas.

“If she wouldn’t have posted it, we never would have found it. I’ll be honest, I assumed that it was long gone. With social media, I wasn’t for it, but I am now (laughs) I really am,” said Potts.

Potts says he hopes to continue dressing up as Santa every year to take pictures with the children in the community and hand out candy as long as he is able.

Folks in the community are invited to look at the sleigh or take pictures with it along South 47th Street in Temple.