More calls to end ‘No-knock’ warrants emerge in Killeen

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Killeen, TX- After 6 years, for the first time, the family of Marvin Guy is speaking out.

Marvin Guy has been in custody since a “no-knock warrant” turned deadly in May of 2014, claiming the life of a Killeen Police Officer.

This comes a little over a week after KPD’s announcement to reinstate ‘no-knock’ warrants’ after their 90-day assessment period.

It is worth noting, as a result, the department no longer administers “narcotic-only” no knock warrants; but, Marvin Guy’s family is calling for a “total ban” on them city-wide.

For some passing through the neighborhood of Circle M Drive in Killeen, they see a simple 4-plex but for Garret Galloway, its a symbol that reawakens pain from years ago.

“This place here, I see trauma, I see an officer that was killed. I see a man that’s been in jail 6 and half years that haven’t seen a trial.” Galloway told FOX 44.

That man is his brother, Marvin Guy.

Police served the ‘no-knock’ warrant with the belief Marvin Guy was dealing drugs.

“My brother was not dealing drugs. I don’t know where they got the information but once they got inside they looked for drugs, no drugs were found,” Galloway said.

Garrett tells us Marvin thought the officers were intruders and in response, fired rounds that ended up killing detective Charles Dinwiddie and injuring 2 other officers.

“When someone busts in and you don’t know who they are, you have a right to defend yourself,” said Galloway.

Garrett says he’s calling for an end to ‘no-knock’ warrants now because he doesn’t want more families to go through what he’s experienced with his brother.

“I feel like its dangerous to all parties involved not only just the police officers, law enforcement, but also innocent people may be affected by it,” he said.

Garrett tells us there’s too much room for error when it comes to executing those warrants.

“What if you go into the wrong house. What if you get the wrong information and the wrong person ends up getting killed?” Galloway asked hypothetically.

Garrett says his brother Marvin maintains his innocence, remaining hopeful for justice while in custody; but, he says he’s apologetic knowing a life was loss behind it all.

“My heart goes out to those family members and I know its tough that they may have lost someone but I’m losing someone as well. My brother has been behind bars 6 and a half years without receiving a trial,” said Galloway.

We reached to Killeen PD for a response but they declined to comment citing a gag order in the case.

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