WACO, Texas – As the new school year approaches, some school districts are expressing their concern about the number of substitutes available.

“One of our major concerns is having enough substitutes,” says Traci Marlin, the Public Information Officer for Midway ISD.

“When staff are on quarantine, they’re gone for two weeks at time. That’s not just a few days until you feel better. So we’re thinking that’s going to be a significant amount of time that we’re going to need subs in the building,” says Marlin.

Waco ISD is trying to double their usual number of substitute teachers.

“Usually we start the year out with about 200 substitutes. We call that a good pool for us to launch the school year and we are right on track with that. However, due to the circumstances with the pandemic, we are aiming to double that pool to at least 400,” says Dr. Josie Gutierrez, the Assistant Superintendent of HR with Waco ISD.

They are putting the word out any way they can.

“We’re blasting it on social media. We are tapping into other applicants who have applied for other teaching jobs who haven’t been hired yet. We’re reaching out to our local universities and colleges,” says Dr. Gutierrez.

Midway ISD is also concerned about the number of substitute teachers they may need this year.

“We’re looking for anyone who thinks that they could help and are ready to help with our schools in this trying time, and that might be interested in subbing and seeing what public education is all about,” says Marlin.

The position may be a little different then previous years.

“It could be almost a really low-pressure teaching position, because it may be that a staff member or teacher is on quarantine. If they’re quarantined at home, they may be teaching from home. And the sub may just be doing classroom management in the classroom. The teacher is doing all the teaching, and the sub isn’t having to do any of that,” says Marlin.

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