WACO, Texas – A Waco mother is in police custody in connection to the death of her two-year-old son Frankie Gonzales.

Officers found the toddler’s body Tuesday morning in a dumpster on Alice Avenue in Waco.

“There is no good reason for anything like this to happen,” says resident LaQuanna Jackson.

Neighbors are speaking out after Frankie’s body was found.

“That’s heartless. That’s cruel,” LaQuanna says.

Frankie’s mother, 34-year-old Laura Sanchez, is now in police custody.

Waco Police say Laura reported Frankie missing from a Cameron Park restroom on Monday afternoon. Rescue teams with boats and dogs spent hours searching the area.

Residents came out in numbers to help out.

“We went through the park. We went on Lakeshore,” LaQuanna says.

They all sympathize with Sanchez.

“Because I’m a mother, and I have a son, and I would hope the community would stand up and stand strong if it was me,” says resident Dannique Fernanders.

During a press conference, police called the mother’s story a hoax.

“Through the investigation, the child was never at Cameron Park. We believe that was a completed cover-up from mom,” says Officer Garen Bynum, of the Waco Police Department.

Officers say Sanchez admitted the two-year-old was dead and led them to the body Tuesday morning.

“Mom confessed to family members, family members called us,” Bynum says.

Neighbors are still confused.

“There’s a church right here. You’ve called somebody. There’s no words, no sense, no nothing,” LaQuanna says.