Multiple residents of Temple are victims of real estate fraud

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TEMPLE, Texas – A Texas woman is seeking justice and is trying to prevent others from having the same problem she did.

Margarita Jimenez posted on the Temple City Watch Facebook group, warning people in the area about buying a home from a man on Facebook.

“He was on Facebook looking for a house, because we were trying to buy a house, and he saw that there was a property on Marketplace, so he went to text him and set up an appointment to see the house,” says victim Margarita Jimenez.

When it was time to move in, she and her husband started becoming suspicious because it seemed like other people were also purchasing the property.

“We asked her if she was buying the property, and she also said yes. So we showed her our papers that we had, and she had the same thing. So from there, we went to the police station and made a report,” says Jimenez.

Temple Police officers say the man promised to refund Jimenez’s $2,000 – but when he did not, they arrested him on outstanding warrants. We are not releasing his name because the investigation is ongoing.

FOX44 went to a Temple realtor to find out how you can avoid a similar situation.

“If you hire a real estate agent, a real estate agent has a obituary duty to their clients to protect their clients’ best interest,” says real estate agent David Baca.

“We wanted to come and see if we can make a stop on what he’s doing, because it’s not right to take money from hard working people. It’s just hard,” says Jimenez.

If you face a similar incident, contact your local police department and make a police report.

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