GRIMES COUNTY, Texas – Authorities are searching for those responsible for the death of a Navasota High School student.

Grimes County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to the area of Leon and Sycamore Street Thursday evening, in the Bedias community. Deputies received reports of multiple gunshots heard in this area upon their arrival, in addition to a report of a possible gunshot victim.

When deputies arrived, they found an 18-year-old – identified as Anthony Demillo Williams, a Navasota High School student. Williams was transported by family members to a nearby Grimes St. Joseph’s Medic Station a few blocks away. Deputies were advised was unconscious and not breathing. Medical personnel began life-saving efforts on Williams as he was transported to Madisonville St. Joseph’s Emergency Room.

Shortly after their arrival, Williams succumbed to his injuries. He was pronounced dead by the Madison County Justice of the Peace Precinct One.

Williams was transported to the Southwest Institute of Forensic Sciences at Dallas, in Dallas County, for an autopsy.

Members of the Grimes County Sheriff’s Office’s Investigations Division, the Grimes County District Attorney’s Office, and Texas Rangers are actively working this case and also attempting to identify the suspects.

Source: Grimes County Sheriff’s Office