Neighbors react to possible explosive device in their neighborhood

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TEMPLE, Texas – Temple police officers arrived to a home in the 3700 block of Lynx Trail at 11:30 a.m. Monday.

“I always kind of figured that there might be something going on in that house, just because of all the people that have been going in and out,” says neighbor Jacquelin Aranda.

When officers arrived to serve a contraband search warrant, they say they found a possible explosive device inside the home.

“I felt unsafe because I have kids. I have two kids who live here,” says Aranda.

Police detained a woman and a man from inside the home. No arrests have been made just yet, as police wait for the results from the search warrant.

“I wasn’t totally surprised it was sort of, case of, you kind of suspected something to happen sooner or later. I guess today was it,” says neighbor Juston Bair.

The McLennan County Bomb Squad and ATF were called to inspect the possible explosive device and safely removed it from the home.

“I have two young kids that I’m trying to raise here, and if somebody is behaving like this or doing this kind of stuff across the street from me, then I want them gone,” says Bair.

Juston Bair says they are not close to this neighbor – they just see him when he’s outside.

“Acting out on the front yard, doing a lot of stuff at night in the garage, really loud stuff – sounds like welding, loud music, loud outbursts,” says Bair.

This isn’t the first time police have visited the house – neighbors say his irrational behavior has brought concerns to many people.

“He’s gotten a lot of complaints in the neighborhood with his music and irrational behaviors and stuff, and a lot of neighbors have complained about him,” says Aranda.

This is an ongoing investigation. The McLennan County Bomb Squad is still investigating to see if the device found inside the home is some kind of bomb.

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