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WACO, Texas – The attorney for a Central Texas man who faces federal charges connected to the U.S. Capitol Riots says he has new evidence.

Christopher Grider’s attorney Brent Mayr wants the judge to reconsider keeping his client behind bars until his trial starts. As of February 2nd, Mayr informs us there is no set date on his next trial.

“We are still waiting on a ruling from Judge Hightower, the magistrate in Austin, to see if she will reopen the detention hearing and reconsider her to decision to order him detain pending trial,” Mayr says.

Judge Hightower ordered Grider to be held and transported to Washington D.C. after being detained in Austin.

“Until he gets to D.C., he’s not going to get any arraignment dates. There’s not going to be any trial dates or anything like that set,” says Mayr.

Mayr’s newest filing comes after he found video Grider shot on his phone. He says it shows Grider was not being violent – he was expressing his freedom of speech at the U.S. Capitol.

“The videos that we have show him participating in a verbal protest. He’s not damaging anything. He’s not kicking in doors. Now you can see in the video people kicking in doors and trying to break into secure areas. He’s never doing any of that,” says Mayr.

Mayr hopes the video will persuade the judge to let Grider go, at least until he goes on trial.

“He needs to be out. He’s presumed innocent. He’s not a danger to the community. He’s not a flight risk. And that’s what the law says – if you’re not a flight risk, and you’re not a danger to the community, then you’re entitled to be released pending or trial in your case,” says Mayr.

FOX44 reached out the U.S. Attorney’s Office for its take on the new filing. We were told there would be no comment.

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