WACO, Texas — Waco has a new food truck moving around the city but this one is completely run by students.

“I’m really interested in this because I also want to have a business,” Rapaport Academy Sophomore Shelly Montes said. “But I want to help out my family and I also have a big plan to help out the community with what I earn and what we do with my family because we like helping people.”

Montes already has her future planned thanks to the help of Triple Win Waco.

Triple Win is a work based learning program for local students to gain knowledge in the areas they hope to one day work in.

With the food truck, many who hope to one day own their own business, like shelly, are able to learn the steps.

“I think it’s just really inspiring to let, to even have the opportunity to let students know that they can also grow themselves in this community and there are so many opportunities out there,” Entrepreneurship Culinary Instructor Danielle Flores said.

Students working in the food truck are primarily from Rapaport Academy but Triple Win hopes to gain students from other schools once the school year begins.

Not only does this teach students how to manage a business, it also helps them with personal skills they may not use as much in the classroom.

“The best part is interacting with people,” Montes said. “I do not like interacting with people but I’m learning to communicate. And also to learn about business because even though I’m working in there, you’re still learning about business. You’re learning how to control a food truck.”

Both Danielle and Shelly agree it’s an amazing way to learn and hope people don’t doubt kids with big aspirations because they are making it happen.

“I’ve had many experiences where like you’re too young to do this and all that,” Montes said. “But I believe that we as young people, if we start learning at a young age, we’re going to be able to do it as we get older and teach others at a young age.”

For more information on Triple Win Waco and their food truck, click here.