FALLS COUNTY, Texas – Enel Green Power has started construction of it’s largest U.S. solar farm in Falls County, opening up more job opportunities.

“During construction, there will be around 350 construction jobs. That’s everyday folks that are buying things from a local community, going out to eat, etc.,” says Ryan Flynn-Kasuba, Senior Business Development Manager at Enel Green Power.

Falls County Judge Jay T. Elliot says, “It will increase tax revenues, which will allow the County to lower our tax rate. It is a win-win for Falls County.”

“As we anticipate an upwards of $50 million in the property taxes over, it’s useful life going to the local community, ” says Flynn-Kasuba.

In February’s winter storm, it caused the power grid to overload – leaving many Texans without power for many days. Enel Green Power is working on strengthening the power grid.

“Typically for this plant, we’re pairing it with a battery. And so, having the battery paired with the solar project actually helps stabilize the energy output – and, you know, the battery is charged from the solar plant, and then it can be dispatched kind of whenever the grid needs the extra electricity. The battery can discharge that energy,” says Flynn-Kasuba.

Enel Green Power already has a solar farm in West, Texas. They hope to expand throughout the Central Texas area. The Roseland Solar Farm is expected to be finished by late 2022.