Online Gaming Safety: What every parent should know

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“You were going to go this place to buy candy in a simulator game and there would be people cursing, like ‘what in the world is wrong with this game,’ but with bad words.”

That’s 11-year-old Kailey, talking about what she experienced while playing an online game that has a chat feature.

She and her 8-year-old sister Kennedy love playing all kinds of video games.  It’s a love they inherited from their father.

Randy Haba is a longtime gamer and computer expert.  He knows the dangers and works hard to keep his daughters safe.

“It’s no different than when we were younger, in our age, and our parents would let us go ride bikes in the neighborhood with other kids,” Haba says.

But for parents who haven’t picked up a gaming controller since Nintendo’s Duck Hunt, there is help.  Brian Montfort researches video games his children play and then shares his findings on a YouTube channel.

“It’s best that you know what they’re trying to be engaging in so that way you can maybe even play it with them as well and you can at least watch and participate,” Montfort says.

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