BOSQUE COUNTY, Texas – The Bosque County Sheriff’s Office will be participating in Operation Blue Taxi this year, and moving forward.

Operation Blue Taxi is a program where law enforcement takes a proactive approach to the hazards of intoxicated driving. On New Year’s Eve, deputies will be providing a courtesy ride to party goers who may have over indulged themselves with adult beverages.

This service is provided in an effort to potentially save lives which may be lost due to accidents caused by drivers under the influence.

A few rules to know:

1. All rides are one way, from pickup location to your residence or another location. You will be staying for the night. Both the pickup location and the dropoff location must be within the county. The Sheriff’s Office cannot and will not transport over county lines.

2. All “passengers” must be on their best behavior. A little humor can be tolerated, but rudeness or disorderly conduct will result in the drop off location changing, to the Sheriff’s Office address.

3. No alcoholic beverages or smoking will be permitted inside the transport vehicle.

4. Transport vehicle will not stop at any location between pickup and dropoff.

5. There is no “charge” for this service (pun intended) and deputies are not allowed to accept tips. If you insist on making a contribution, you can consider making a donation to a local volunteer fire department.

Party goers are urged to be patient after calling, and to provide ample time for a deputy to arrive. For your courtesy ride, you can call (254) 435-2362.

Source: Bosque County Sheriff’s Office