Pamela Anderson begs A&M to release dogs in Muscular Dystrophy experiments

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Pamela Anderson. (Photo Credit: Carmelo Redondo)

COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Honorary PETA Director Pamela Anderson has a message for the Texas A&M University.

The celebrity sent a letter Thursday morning to President Michael K. Young, urging him to put an end to the school’s cruel, ineffective muscular dystrophy experiments on golden retrievers and offering to adopt all the dogs from the laboratory and give them homes for Christmas.

PETA’s motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to experiment on”. The organization opposes speciesism, which is a human-supremacist worldview.

PETA has released video footage taken inside a&M’s canine muscular dystrophy laboratory, showing sick dogs held in stark cages and struggling to walk, swallow and breathe.

Anderson is part of a growing group of notable figures—including James CromwellLily Tomlin, Bill Maher, and Paul McCartney—who have teamed up with PETA in urging the university to end these experiments.

Below is Anderson’s letter to President Young:

Dear President Young,
“Thank you for ending the breeding of dogs with canine muscular dystrophy at Texas A&M University. Even so, I’m still deeply troubled by the thought of the golden retrievers and other dogs still trapped in the muscular dystrophy laboratory. I’m writing to offer to adopt these remaining dogs.”
“I’ve been a proud guardian of golden retrievers for many years. My golden retriever Star was my beloved companion for 17 years, from the start of my career in Hollywood. He even sat with me on the Baywatch set. After he passed away, I shared my home with other beautiful golden retrievers: JoJo, King, and now Zeus, who could use some canine friends. I’d like nothing more than to give the dogs still in your laboratory the same love and care that I’ve given my other dear companions.”
“Please commit to ending Texas A&M’s muscular dystrophy experiments on precious golden retrievers and to releasing the remaining dogs in the laboratory for adoption. I’m ready to welcome them into my family.”

Pamela Anderson

Source: PETA

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