The Department of Public Safety has released the name of the driver killed when the suspect in a Bosque County abduction crashed head on into their car.

DPS Sgt Richard Hunter said the deceased driver was 85-year-old Maureena Charles Reid, of Burleson.

Reid was the driver of a 2018 Kia Soul that was southbound on State Highway 171 near Johnson county Road 302.

The Kia was hit head on when a 2011 Chrysler 200, driven by 34-year-old Randall Anthony Thurman that was going north moved into the southbound lane.

Thurman was a suspect in the abduction of two children in Bosque County with Bosque County investigators saying they believed he intentionally crashed into the Kia.

One of the children who had been abducted was in the car with him and was extricated from the wreck unconscious but alive and was airlifted to a Fort Worth hospital.

A young boy who had also been abducted had been dropped off earlier.

The entire incident began late Friday night near Walnut Springs.

Once it was determined that the suspected abductor was a registered sex offender an Amber Alert was issued.

The vehicle was spotted by a citizen in Hill County who alerted authorities that the car they were looking for was on his property.

It was when they approached that Thurman fled, leading them on a pursuit that went into Johnson County.

In a later development as the investigation into the incident continued, warrants were obtained Monday for Mandi Elizabeth Russell, the mother of the two children.

Mandi Elizabeth Russell.

Investigators found Russell on Monday evening and placed her in custody. Russell has been booked into the county jail, and is charged with two counts of Child Endangerment.