Police say 56 phone numbers used for calls to victim in stalking case

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Michael Chase Potter

Lorena police say 56 different phone numbers were used in harassing phone calls in what developed into a felony stalking case making it all but impossible for the victim to block calls and texts being sent to her.

After attempts to get the calls and other activities stopped, Lorena officers obtained a felony stalking arrest warrant for Michael Chase Potter who was then taken into custody and booked into the McLennan County Jail Tuesday.

A Lorena police spokesman said the investigation began back in February with the victim getting hundreds of calls to her personal phone as well as calls being made to her at her work place and calls made to her work associates.

She told police her day care had also been receiving the calls.

The calls had slowed at one point but had picked up with police saying some had contained threats.

Pictures of the victim had also been posted on social media.

An emergency protective order had also been filed after Potter was booked into the jail.

There was also an additional charge of unlawfully carrying a weapon.

As of Wednesday afternoon, no bond had been set on the stalking charge.

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