WACO, Texas – The full autopsy for 2-year-old Frankie Isaiah Gonzales-Villalon has been released. It details the long list of injuries the child suffered in his 28 months of life.

The cause of death was determined as homicidal violence including blunt force trauma.

According to the autopsy, Frankie had numerous contusions and cuts all over his head and body. The medical examiner also found evidence of seven fractures to his ribs that were healing, and one new fracture to his right arm.

Frankie’s parents Laura Villalon and Lorenzo Gonzalez were both arrested in connection to the child’s death.

According to the autopsy, Laura Villalon admitted slamming Frankie’s head against a wall on May 28th. When she found him unresponsive in his bed later, his body was placed in a closet. Two days later, Villalon reportedly wrapped him in trash bags and placed him in a dumpster near the intersection of 27th and Alice.

Police recovered the body on June 2nd, after officers say Villalon confessed.

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