TEMPLE, Texas (Fox 44) — Cyber Monday means a busy day for shoppers, but also a prime-time for scammers and porch pirates to strike.

There are many precautions Temple police suggest to protect yourself in the process.

“Take those steps to be more preventative than having to be reactive,” Temple spokesperson Allison O’Connor said.

Jesi Cruz says she’s already done most of her online shopping throughout the week.

“Not exactly Cyber Monday, I’ve been shopping throughout the week,” Cruz said. “I’ve noticed that the sales have been going on for about two weeks.”

Temple PD says to make sure the sites you’re using are secure. Look for the https at the beginning of the link. The S stands for secure.

Also, keep an eye on your credit card charges.

“If you buy something off Amazon and the price doesn’t look like what it said when you purchased it, definitely check the details of the purchase in the app or on your bank’s website,” O’Connor said.

Another way to combat hackers is to use your private WiFi.

“Do it on a internet connection that you’re not sharing with other people,” O’Connor said. “So if you go into a Starbucks or you go into a Walmart and you don’t find something in the store and you want to order online, just wait until you get home.”

Ways Temple PD suggests to combat porch pirates include working together with your neighbors, tracking your package to see when it will be delivered, requiring a signature, or using a drop off locker or location.

Cruz says thankfully she hasn’t had to deal with any porch pirates.

“I feel secure that my package is going to arrive,” Cruz said.

If you’re meeting with someone to pickup a purchase, many police departments such as Temple and Hewitt have safe internet exchange zones.