Protest outside KPD headquarters calls for accountability in officer-involved shooting

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KILLEEN, Texas: Protesters gathered in front of the Killeen Police Department headquarters Saturday, once again calling for the firing and arrest of Officer Reynaldo Contreras, who fatally shot 52-year old Patrick Warren outside Warren’s home Sunday.

“We just want justice. We want the police officer to be arrested, first and foremost, and to be terminated,” protest organizer Sadale Johnson said. “If anyone out here behind me would have shot somebody in their front yard, wasn’t fighting for their life and the other person had no weapon, they would be taken away right then and there, in handcuffs.”

Police were called to Warren’s house on a mental distress call. Warren came out to his front yard, hands up, and was walking towards Contreras when Contreras attempted to tase him, before shooting him three times.

While the community is looking for accountability from the police department, they say they are still trying to figure out what justice is for the Warren family in a peaceful way.

“I’m standing here on behalf of the family,” Killeen’s Brothers Against Community Crime (B.A.C.C.) president Bryan King said. “We can’t tell what justice is, we don’t know what that looks like, but the family wants peace, they don’t want no violence or nobody to do anything crazy. We want peace but we want accountability.”

For Johnson, the issues of this case are bigger than race.

“Honestly, it’s not about black vs. white, it’s not about race at all,” Johnson said. “Yes, black lives matter, don’t get me wrong, but this is about right vs. wrong. Period. Take the race out of it. Right vs. wrong.”

The peaceful demonstration really came down to one word.

“We need reform, we need repair,” protester Calvin Martyr said. “But we need accountability.”

Officer Reynaldo Contreras is currently on paid administrative leave, as is Killeen PD protocol.

Killeen PD did not return FOX 44’s request for comment.

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