Public meeting discusses Hyperloop possibilities

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WACO, Texas – A public meeting for the Waco Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) presented potential new layouts for the city, as well as the possibility of a high speed hyperloop train running through the city.

The hyperloop trains have been installed in cities all over the world by Virgin One, and could soon be the easiest way to get across Texas. Rumored plans have had railways going from Dallas to Austin and Houston to Laredo. Along several routes, Waco would be an ideal stopping location.

Hyperloops are known for their speed. To call them merely “fast” would almost be an understatement.

“Well with hyperloop with the speeds that they’re talking about, theoretically that would mean a 20 to 25 minute to downtown or to the Dallas/Fort Worth region,” says Waco MPO director Chris Evilia. “That’s, you know, pretty quick. You can’t even do that in an aircraft right now.”

Whether or not the high speed hyperloops are coming to Waco is yet to be decided. The MPO estimates it will be about a ten-year project if it is approved.

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