LAMPASAS COUNTY, Texas (FOX 44) – The Lampasas Animal Shelter has had three positive rabies cases in the County from within the last month, and is raising awareness on how important it is to keep animals vaccinated.

The shelter says rabies is required to be done on all dogs and cats by four months old. While the county does recognize a three-year vaccination, if a veterinarian certifies it for the three years, animals that are coming in contact with wildlife should be done yearly.

The shelter is also strongly recommending for livestock to be vaccinated. Rabies vaccinations can only be done at a veterinarian’s office. They cannot be bought over the counter.

If you see an animal acting strangely, you are urged to call Animal Control. Animals out during the daytime is not always a symptom of rabies – they could be just looking for food. Other symptoms would be walking strangely or stumbling, drooling or biting at the air, a sudden change in behavior (wild animal suddenly nice, friendly dog suddenly aggressive), and unprovoked attacks.

The current positive cases in Lampasas County are:

  • Skunk killed by dogs in 600 block CR-3371
  • Skunk killed by dogs on Brook street in Lampasas City
  • Feral Cat- 2000 Block W FM-581 (Senterfitt Cemetary Area)

Rabies is still ongoing issue in Texas, and is fatal if contracted in animals and people. The public is urged to report any and all animal bites so that rabies risk can be assessed.