WACO, Tx – As the holidays approach and the pandemic continues; customers are being targeted by scammers, threatening to disconnect their electricity.

“We really want customers to be very aware that this is going on and it’s really a shame that during this time where people have had so much hardship in 2020, but scammers are doing this, but this is happening this season.” says Vice President of Retail Innovation, Scott Burns.

Reliant energy wants customers to be aware, they will never call to threaten that your electricity will be cut off.

“If they do get any of these calls they should hang up and call reliant at 1-866-222-7100 or you can go to reliant.com/fraud to find out more information but you can just confirm that your account is in good standing.” says Burns.

Some of the calls that people are receiving are that their electricity will be cut off in 30 minutes if they don’t pay right away. Reliant and other companies reassure that they have a protocol to follow before having to take that step.

“We will reach out to you via whatever communication method you set up with us whether its mail or email. So we’ll reach out to you ahead of time to let you know that you have a pass due balance if you happen to misdate a bill.” says Burns.

If you believe that you are being targeted, don’t make any payments to the caller and hang up.