MADISON COUNTY, Texas – UPDATE: The Madison County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that 27-year-old Megan Martinez’s remains have been found, and that two arrests have been made.

Martinez’s friends, 27-year-old Amber Garrett and 48-year-old Yudon Allen were arrested in connection with her death. Martinez had been missing from Madison County since February 5.

The Sheriff’s Office says Alan helped investigators found Martinez’s body. Alan faces a charge of fabricating evidence, while Garrett is charged with murder.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office has released further information on the sequence of events in the case.

A spokesman says it was on February 9 that the family reported Megan Martinez missing.

Very soon afterward, the assistance of the Texas Rangers was requested.

Over the next two weeks, numerous leads were investigated with the Amber Alert Network instrumental in not only turning up leads, but in forwarding information to the public.

It was determined that Martinez was last seen February 5 at the Mini Store & Wash Dry in Madisonville being driven off as a passenger in a car belonging to Garrett.

The vehicle was found and searched by deputies and Texas Rangers. The results of the search led investigators to believe someone was injured in the vehicle. Garrett and Allen were developed as persons of interest.

On February 23, Allen was interviewed with deputies – saying he cooperated in their investigation. With Allen’s assistance, Madison County deputies and Texas Rangers were taken to Forest Service Road 207 – just inside of San Jacinto County – which led to the discovery of the body of Martinez in a grave.

The body was recovered with an inquest ordered, and the body was transported to the University of North Texas for an autopsy.

Garrett was arrested and charged with first-degree murder, and was held in the Madison County Jail with her bond set at $1,500,000. Allen was charged with fabricating evidence, a second-degree felony, and was ordered held without bond.

Sources: Amber Alert Network Brazos Valley, Madison County Sheriff’s Office