KILLEEN, Texas – Texas Department of Public Safety troopers have confirmed Bradley “Launchpad” Marzari died in a plane crash on Sunday evening.

Brad was part of a podcast called The Airplane Geeks, where he and other aviation fanatics talk about the aviation world.

“He loved flying, and he loved that airplane,” says Max Flight, co-creator of The Airplane Geeks Podcast.

When Max Flight heard the news, he was stunned.

“Sometimes you just don’t completely realize all the ways in which, you know, someone touches your life and the lives of others,” says Flight.

Brad had been on the podcast for many years, and created a close bond with many people. Some would even describe Brad as a larger-than-life individual.

“He was one of those types of people who would give you the shirt off his back. He was always very considerate,” says Flight.

The Airplane Geeks Podcast gave Brad the “Reporter at Large” title.

“He would often go out and find aviation companies or interesting people and interview them for the podcast,” says Flight.

Max says he and the listeners will miss having Brad on the show.

“He would just bring life to little corners of aviation and share them with our audience,” says Flight.

Brad was the host of the Pod-A-Poluzza event. He loved sharing stories about planes to anyone who wanted to fly.

“He was also always very interested in helping youngsters become aware of aviation,” says Flight.

During this difficult time, Max would like to share his condolences with the Marzari family. To keep Brad’s memories alive, The Airplane Geeks Podcast would like to ask those who can and would like to donate to the organization in which Brad proudly took part in.

The Experimental Aircraft Association (the EAA) Young Eagles program offers free introductory flights to youngsters ages 8 to 17.

Brad was also active in the Commemorative Air Force, which preserves warbirds.