BELTON, Texas – On June 28, 2021, Erin Scheer collapsed inside of Family Food – going into cardiac arrest.

Since this day, she has been wanting to thank the two good samaritans who helped saved her by performing CPR. Scheer fell dead on the ground – and with their quick life-saving actions, they were able to give her life back.

Erin says she can’t remember that day. The only thing she knows is what her family members told her. Two strangers performed CPR on her until paramedics arrived.

“I had to find the woman who gave me my life. I wasn’t sleeping. I was like, ‘Ahhh! I had to fix that!,'” Scheer says.

She posted on Facebook asking if anyone knew anything about that day. With over a thousand shares, she was able to find the woman who helped save her life. Rosanna is a mother herself – and when she saw Erin’s four-year-old daughter crying for help, she knew she had to jump in do something.

“I’m glad I was there to help you,” says Rosanna Flores, the woman who saved Erin. “I am beyond glad that you were there. Not help me – you saved my life. You gave me my life,” says Scheer.

Erin says she can’t stop thinking about what would have happened if Rosanna wasn’t there that day.

“It was a rough few days, but I’m here. And I’m alive. And that’s all that really matters,” says Scheer.

Erin calls Rosanna her hero – but Rosanna doesn’t want to call herself a hero. She says she was happy to help her.

“I was there at the right place, at the right time, when someone needed me. And I was glad I knew CPR to help her,” says Flores.

Erin is grateful to have Rosanna and the other woman there that day to save her and comfort her four-year-old daughter.

“Now I want to bring CPR awareness to everybody. I’ts fundamental, I feel like,” says Scheer.

After this touching moment, the two women hope to keep in touch.