WACO, Texas – Waco Police are urging residents to be alert at the gas pump after finding five credit card skimmers at a gas station on Waco Drive.

The Sunoco Gas Station is Waco’s latest target for credit card scammers.Waco Police were notified crooks placed five credit card skimmers on gas pumps at the station – whichcould have collected customers’ private banking information.

Police say one of the five skimmers was actually a decoy meant to draw attention from the others.

People who use the gas station off Waco Drive say it’s not the first time. In fact, they tell us they have noticed a pattern at the pump.

“They use the last two sides of the tanks on the outside, where the operators can’t see whats going on,” said Chris Hilliard.

He’s no stranger to the Sunoco gas station. As a U-Haul dealer, he fills several of his trucks up with gas weekly – and by now, he knows what to look for.

By Thursday, the pumps were covered in yellow bags – but police say people who may have used the pumps recently could be potential victims if they entered their credit or debit card information while paying at the pump. This is something Hilliard says he avoids at all costs.

“I suggest you pay cash, or go to a credible person that you normally by gas from. But it’s up to the individual, I guess,” he said.

Waco PD echoed Hilliard’s recommendation by telling residents, “Pay inside the store with your debit/credit cards, or just use cash.”

Police say it’s unknown how long the skimmers have been on the pumps, so they recommend for residents to watch their accounts closely for any unauthorized purchases.

If by chance you notice suspicious activity, you can notify police – along with your bank.