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WACO, Texas – Ever since Bolt arrived at the Humane Society of Central Texas, he’s been scared.

Bolt has been in the shelter for almost a month.

“Bolt is about three years old. We think he is some kind of Heeler/Dalmatian mix,” says Paula Rivadeneira, the Executive Director of the Humane Society of Central Texas.

No one has been able to see Bolt’s loving personality yet. He’s afraid of the shelter and the loud noises, and he’s running out of time.

“Ideally dogs like this, well any dog really, dogs that are shy and scared and nervous, it’s really particularly good for them to get into foster homes and get that interaction with other dogs and families,” says Rivadeneira.

Bolt isn’t the only dog experiencing this. Jengo has also been in the shelter for a month and has been overlooked due to his anxiety.

Once Jengo is removed from the stressful environment, however, he becomes the most loving dog.

“One of the things we see a lot in the shelters is that dogs don’t behave the same way they would in a home. This is a very different environment. They’re kenneled, they don’t get out as much, and they don’t get as much exercise. There are lots of noises and smells and things that might be scary for them here,” says Rivadeneira.

Fostering can help a dog relax and allow them to show their true personalities.

“It’s good for them to get into a home where they can be more comfortable, and where they can experience what its like with a family,” says Rivadeneira.

One thing is for sure, Bolt is ready to find a home.

“He is very excited to find a foster home. He would do great with another dog because he is a little bit shy, and we think that will help him come out into his own personality and enjoy life a little more,” says Rivadeneira.

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