Killeen, TX- May 22 marks a month of searching for missing Fort Hood soldier Pfc Vanessa Guillen.

Family and friends of Pfc Vanessa Guillen were in Killeen looking for answers in search of the 20 year old this evening.

“The family is very distraught. The mother is hurting and we’re asking the public to get involved,” said Francisco Mendoza.

April 21st is the day Private First Class Vanessa Guillen went missing. Her family and friends today asking from help from folks who may know what happened her.

“Put yourself in my shoes and speak up before it’s too late. Don’t try to cover for anyone that won’t do it for you. I need whoever knows or seen her anything at this point is helpful to please help us and reach out. It does not have to be in person. You can do it anonymously,” said Mayra Guillen.

Her Family describes Vanessa as a kind and loving soldier, daughter sister and friend who had the courage to fight for her country.

“All she was here for it to represent our country and fight for it to save us so why won’t we pay her back the same? She can’t just go missing just because,” she said.

Mayra tells us the criminal investigation division on fort hood has been as transparent as they could be as they continue their search for Vanessa.

Fort Hood CID agents said in a post on Facebook that the search continues both on and off Fort hood by multiple agencies including the Texas Rangers, Bell and Coryell County Sheriffs Departments, Texas Game Wardens, The FBI and local police departments.

“I appreciate everything that is being done and for them to continue that way they have my support. They have everybody’s support in this,” Guillen said.

But the family says the missing soldiers unit those she would the most time with before she went miss has been radio silent, which for them is concerning.

“Those that claim that they love her as a sister I find that really disrespectful because if I were in there place I would be like how can I help you? Is there anything I can do? I know Vanessa. Talk about her keep her story alive but they’ve been quiet and that makes me feel some type of way,” said Guillen.