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WACO, Texas – Due to the Coronavirus, food is in high demand these days. This creates a huge problem for food pantries.

Jackson Davis started volunteering at Shepherd’s Heart Food Pantry with his friends about a week ago.

“You wake up in the morning, and it’s like you cant go to school. You can’t get a job. You can’t do anything. But then you come out here, and it’s something that maybe it’s acceptable to go outside and go do,” says Davis.

Davis says that it’s so rewarding to help those in need.

“It’s a selfless motivation. You feel good about yourself afterwards, and it’s really nice to help people and also see friendly people.” says Davis.

Robert Gager, the Executive Director of the Shepherd’s Heart Food Pantry, says they have been blessed with finding volunteers during this time.

“All of our volunteer staff, except for two people behind me, are gone. They’re all out of here because they felt they needed to be out of here. Some of our staff are seniors, so they felt threatened. Others were moms, and their kids are out of school. So they had to stay here for that. Everyday we go through a whole core of volunteers,” says Gager.

New volunteers are constantly needed to keep the pantry up and running.

“It’s a miracle for us that we get volunteers to do this, but we have just enough to do it everyday,” says Gager.

Gager also says they have been very fortunate finding supplies during this pandemic.

“We’ve been getting enough food from the Food Bank. We keep finding other places. I’ve got food coming in from the Food Bank. I’ve got food coming from San Antonio this afternoon. I’ve got different things that will be coming in here in the next three hours. This place will be full tomorrow,” says Gager.

This may not be the case for long, however, without help of a different kind.

“What’s really hurting us is the donation level that is used to buy the food. Our donations are down. Just like all the small businesses, we have a resell shop that is currently closed. And that resell shop is 36 percent of our income, and it’s really messing with our cash flow. What we really need is more monetary money from the community,” says Gager.

For more information on Shepherd’s Heart, you can click here.

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