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KILLEEN, Texas – A Shoemaker High School student has been arrested after police found a weapon in his backpack.

Shoemaker High School and Killeen Independent School District Police conducted a random drug search Monday morning with a Killeen ISD K-9 Officer on site. The student would not allow the backpack to be searched by the K-9, and he was taken to the Killeen ISD Police office on campus.

Police found a weapon in the student’s backpack. The student was taken to the Bell County Juvenile Detention Center, and will be charged through the Killeen ISD Police Department. Parents and staff were notified of the situation. This discovery was part of a proactive initiative by the Killeen ISD Police and Safety Departments.

The message below was sent to parents Monday morning:

Good Morning Parents,

This is Shoemaker High School Principal Micah Wells.

I am calling to make you aware of an incident that occurred on our campus earlier today. A Shoemaker student was taken into custody and has been transported to the juvenile detention center for having a weapon on campus during a random drug search by our K9 unit.

The student who was in possession of the weapon is being charged through the Killeen ISD Police Department and will face all appropriate school disciplinary consequences as a result of this incident.

We take any threat to school safety seriously. Please be absolutely assured that we work closely with police to investigate any potential threat to the safety of our students and staff, and we always deal aggressively with any such report.

The safety of everyone on campus is always our highest priority, and weapons will never be tolerated on the campus of Shoemaker High School or any Killeen ISD campus.

As always, thank you for your support.

Source: Killeen Independent School District

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