BELTON, Texas – Being a single father, Marty Mendoza wanted to do something special for his son’s birthday. He posted a video on Tik Tok inviting people to help him celebrate his son’s birthday, he received many responses from people in the community.

“Said family needed some support so we came out to show some support and here we are, we got our little son right here,” says Belton resident, Jerry Ellis.

Marty Mendoza Jr. just turned 35 on June 6th. He has autism and is nonverbal. His father wanted to make this day special for him.

“Even though it’s his birthday its a celebration of life its a celebration of another day that he’s over accomplished many things in life,” says Marty Mendoza Sr.

Marty Mendoza Sr. invited everyone out to the celebration on June 6th. People enjoyed the car show and gave families with kids with disabilities a safe place to play.

“He loves it he’s able to connect with others that have the same issues and disabilities he has,” says family friends Amy Hernandez.

His father posts video on Tik Tok sharing Marty’s World. His videos show his every day life journey with autism.

“He’s touched so many hearts many people fell in love with him that they continue to follow him they continue watch his journey in life and see him grow as I do,” says Mendoza.

With the help of social media, Amy Hernandez and her son Seth Howe were able to connect with Marty and start a friendship.

“Seth will be 21 next month so he really wanted to come down and celebrate Marty’s birthday with him,” says Hernandez.

Marty Sr. says he’s happy to be able to use his platform to connect with other people and share awareness.

“People with a disability with autism disabilities and disabilities in general, they always have time to get out and have fun and actually do things,” says Mendoza.