WACO, Texas – If you wonder how you can best sit down and talk to your child about the president and impeachment, you’re not alone.

Licensed social worker Emma Taylor says it’s important to break it all down in child-friendly language.

“I think when we break down those big adult words into things kids can understand, it makes a little bit more sense for them. I also think you can use the model of school – like your principal is kind of like your president. So if your principal was yelling in all the classrooms and slamming all the doors in the hallway, those would probably be unsafe behaviors that meant the principal was no longer doing the things that we asked them to do when we put them in that position,” Taylor says.

Kids are being exposed to more than most parents realize – whether it’s through social media, YouTube home pages and more ways that parents unfortunately don’t have much control over.

So how can parents talk to their kids about what they do see?

“It is important to teach kids they can look at something and ask the question, ‘What is the person who posted this hoping that I would feel when I see it? What are they hoping I think about?’ And if it’s not something they want to be feeling or be thinking about. Maybe decide that isn’t for you today and move on to something else that feels better and is healthier for you,” Taylor says.

As changes continue within our community, Taylor recommends parents have regular conversations with their children about what they’re feeling.

“I think with all these conversations, as scary as it can be, as a parent to say, ‘How do I talk about a riot with my child?’ The goal at the end of the day is to remind them they are safe at your house. They are safe with you. And they have the power to make safe decisions for themselves and others,” Taylor says.