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WACO, Texas – When temperatures take a nosedive like they did today, some people may look for alternative ways to stay warm, like a space heater.

Space heaters can be dangerous. They are one of the leading causes of fires in Central Texas during the winter, but there are things you can do to stay safe when using one.

Experts suggest keeping a three-foot safety perimeter around your space heater. Make sure there is nothing that can catch on fire within that area.

It’s also important to keep kids and pets away from the device. They can knock the heater over and cause a fire. Space heaters can also cause burns.

You should never use an extension cord to plug the heater in.

“When you use lightweight extension cords, those extension cords are not rated to hold the load that space heaters put out and they end up breaking down and that is what causes the fires,” says Lieutenant Keith Guillory with the Fire Marshalls Office.

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