MCGREGOR, Texas – Friday’s late afternoon storm ripped through Central Texas with heavy rain, hail and gusting winds.

Downed power lines and trees lined the neighborhoods in McGregor, but the town’s schools may have been hit the hardest.

“It was really short-lived,” says McGregor ISD Superintendent James Lenamon. “A minute maybe, a minute and a half, and it was over. But that was enough time for the damage to be done.”

The wind knocked down the scoreboard at the high school football stadium, as well as an awning at the nearby elementary school.

“The big project this weekend is to get that awning that is down between the primary and the elementary, and get it out of the way so that it’s safe for students to use that exit of the building,” Lenamon said.

Lenamon says he’s thankful because the school district dodged a bullet and could have seen even greater, irreplaceable damage.

“Today was a teacher workday. A student holiday for us. So it was a planned day for our kids to be at home,” Lenamon said. “At about the time this came through, we would have been putting kids on buses, so we feel very fortunate that our kids are home and safe and we didn’t have to get them out or deal with that weather.”