WACO– The Sunshine Recovery House is in need of renovations, so it held a fundraiser Saturday night called Rollin’ with Recovery.

The house has electrical problems, needs new windows and more.

“Sunshine Recovery House has given me hope and a second chance,” resident Alena said.

Sunshine Recovery House is a transitional home for women who are in the early stages of recovery from drugs and alcohol.

“They’ve given me a place to live,” Alena said. “They help me learn responsibilities. In active addiction, I couldn’t keep a job. I couldn’t take care of any kind of responsibilities, take care of my health.”

Nicki Frazier has lived in the house for seven months and says it has made her transition much easier.

“It has been a really really big gift to have Sunshine Recovery House as like a landing pad,” Frazier said.

Jennifer Tobin is the executive director and says it is much easier to relapse when you go back into the same environment.

“Everyone deserves to live in a safe and beautiful place,” Tobin said.

Alena says the Sunshine Recovery House is a house of new chances.

“If you’re struggling with active addiction, just don’t give up, and reach out to somebody that can help,” Alena said. “Because this house is a house of second, third, fourth chances. “They never give up on people.”

All of these women want people to know there is hope, and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

“There’s always a way out,” Frazier said. “Sunshine Recovery House was my way out, and that was something God provided for me. I didn’t even know that I needed it, but there’s always a way out.”

To donate to Sunshine Recovery House, click here. Also, some of the profits from Unshakeable Milkshakes go to the House.