Temple Animal Shelter Hosts Clear the Shelter Event

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Today the Temple Animal Shelter waived adoption fees and was able to give over 15 animals a home after a season at almost full capacity.

Supervisor Amy Strunk said in a statement, “This event helps us relieve some of the capacity constraints that come from the high-intake months of summer.”

“This summer we’ve had shelters full most of the summer, it’s been crazy,” shelter volunteer Dorothy Menefee said.

Temple public relations manager Cody Weems said it is not uncommon to be close to or at capacity during the summer.

“An event like this at the end of the summer really helps to bring that population down and raises some awareness for animal shelters,” Weems said.

He also said adopting a pet shouldn’t be an impulse decision.

“It’s not like going to the store and getting an item of clothing and returning it if it doesn’t fit,” Weems said. “This is something that you’re making a commitment to, this living being. So you should consider the responsibility before you make the decision to adopt.”

Some of the things to consider when deciding whether to adopt a pet include the time and financial commitment and making sure the breed fits your lifestyle.

“Taking that animal on walks, getting them exercise, socializing them, making sure they’re well fed, making sure they have proper medical care,” Weems said.

Menefee says to also check with your landlord to make sure they allow pets and what kind.

“A surprising number of people get pets before asking their landlord and then have to surrender their pet when they’re told no by their landlord,” Menefee said.

Both Weems and Menefee encourage going to meet the animal before you adopt.

“Looking at a picture is one thing, but coming in and meeting them is a lot different,” Menefee said.

“Don’t adopt an animal based on the look of the animal, spend some time with them,” Weems said. “If you want to come to the Temple Animal Shelter we have a yard here where you can spend some time with the animal and make sure your personalities get along well.”

To adopt a pet, you must be 18 years old, have a photo ID and current address information.

If you’re not in the position to adopt, the shelter is always looking for volunteers. You can also help by donating food, toys, blankets or towels.

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