TEMPLE, Texas – While some families are needing help recovering from the winter storm, the Temple community came together to help one another.

“I just moved here from North Carolina and when the storm has came I really wasn’t expecting any type of flood, so when it happened, I was really devastated,” says Temple resident Shynell Johnson.

During the severe winter storm, Shynell Johnson’s apartment suffered property damage, the apartment manager was able to move Shynell to a more livable unit.

“She gave me a new unit and I’ve just been trying to see what it is that I can save and just trying to get everything together me being in college and I just started pilot school so I’m just trying to get it together for me and my kid,” says Johnson.

She and her son lost everything inside their home, that’s when she reached out to a local nonprofit for help. The nonprofit group Wake up Temple was able to donate clothes, diapers, and furniture.

“They have been helping out a lot honestly, I didn’t expect them to help the way that they did, cause I never seen a community come together they way that they are,” says Johnson.

Although her first couple of months in Temple weren’t the best, she says, she would not have moved anywhere else.

“Temple is really nice I’ve never meet so many nice people like that especially like I said where I’m from, people are just really helping and it’s really amazing,” says Johnson.

Johnson set up a GoFundMe page to help replace the items she lost during the storm.