TEMPLE, Texas – Several Temple High School students protested inside and outside of the campus on Wednesday to stand in solidarity with a transgender student who was allegedly denied access to the ladies’ bathroom.

The 16-year-old transgender student shared in an Instagram post they have been using the ladies’ restroom since seventh grade with no problems – now they are being denied access.

During third period on Wednesday, dozens of students walked out of class to participate in a peaceful protest to stand in support.

Student Talon Allen says the protest was far from peaceful, because students were fighting.

“If they really wanted it peaceful then they would have just been outside, or something like that,” Allen says. “They wouldn’t have went to the inside.”

The transgender student encouraged those who attend to not be scared, but to be proud and stand up against discrimination.

“All I heard, really, was people say they was taking pride flags, they was running up and down,” Allen said. “Then they went to the Student Center, and caused all mayhem on the Student Center.”

The transgender student wanted to do something to ignite change, and other students wanted to join.

“She was going into the girls’ bathroom, and they wouldn’t let her go in the girls’ bathroom because she was a trans, so we had a whole protest about that,” one student said.

Temple High School Public Information Officer Jon Walin told FOX 44 in an email that campus administration met with the student and parent prior to the protest review steps for transgender student enrollment.

“We all came, and I’m a supporter. So I support people, if you are gay or not,” one student said.

The school said in a statement:

“Several students at THS participated in a peaceful protest this morning during third period. Additional security and Temple PD were on campus to help ensure the safety of all staff and students. All campus activities have continued as normal. Students have the right to peaceful protests. However, if such activities result in student behaviors such as skipping class or leaving a classroom without permission, then these Student Code of Conduct violations will result in consequences as outlined in the Code of Conduct.”